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Ivory Hues

by Manju Sinha

Manju Sinha is one of India’s leading porcelain artist who has received much praise through her several exhibitions in India, UK & USA.

She is the only porcelain artist to have been featured at the celebrations of India “Rebirth of a Nation Festival”, organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York. Her work has also been showcased at a joint cross- cultural exhibition held to commemorate India’s 60th year of Independence at the Nehru Centre in London.

Some images of the jewellery, that I have designed and manufactured for her porcelain medallions are showcased here.


logo bird 2.jpg


Arte-Alter Calcutta is a fashion & lifestyle label which proudly promotes sustainability and social responsibility as its core design philosophy. 

Collaborated with the brand by providing assisstance in overall business development including design consulting and accessory development..



Neha has been a trailblazer who proves herself by simply implementing her ideas. She truly believes in her designs and stands by them with utmost confidence and conviction. From conceptualization to the final piece, she maps out everything . She understands what a client wants and delivers just that. From one designer to another!! Kudos!!

- Priyangsu Maji, Brand Owner & Partner, Arte-Alter Calcutta

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